Dimitri Belikov & Rose Hathaway

Simply put, Dimitri Belikov is the love of Rose's life. When they first met in Portland her first thoughts of him were that he was hot. As she began training with Dimitri as her mentor, she began to fall in love with him, but knowing that it was impossible, while Dimitri had fallen in love with her as well. Though they nearly made love when Victor placed a lust charm on a rose necklace to Rose, they both tried to pretend it didn't happen. When Tasha Ozera came to St Vladimir's Rose became jealous as Dimitri was normal around Tasha and distant with her, hurting Rose epscially when Janine told Rose that Tasha offered Dimitri to be her Guardian, but in the end Dimitri refused Tasha's offer because his heart belonged to Rose. Throughout Shadow Kiss, the sexual desires between Rose and Dimitri reach breaking point as she became worried after she was overcome with spirit that she was going to turn crazy but Dimitri told her that he would protect her, this resulted in them making love in a cabin outside St Vladimir's. When Dimitri was turned by Strigoi, she was heartbroken but was going to keep the promise she made to him in Vampire Academy. As she travelled to Russia to kill Dimitri, she found him, but he weakened her by feeding off her, but she managed to escape and stabbed Dimitri. She returned home, but because she didn't put the stake in hard enough Dimitri survived and began to send her love/death threat letters. Rose later found out a way to save Dimitri with spirit and Lissa was able to turn him back into a dhampir.

Dimitri became distant from Rose after he told her in the church that his love for her had faded. This broke her heart and she nearly slept with Adrian. When Dimitri helped her break out of prison, they went off together to find Lissa's lost sibling. Throughout their travels, Rose refused her feelings for Dimitri, but after she was overcome with spirit and killed Victor, they both confessed their love for each other and made love again. After Rose was shot by Tasha and proven innocent from killing the queen, her and Dimitri began a real relationship as Rose believes her future is going to be bright and happy.

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